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Contact us today to schedule your 19 point Home Electrical Safety Inspection that includes your electrical panel, outdoor service equipment, house wiring, G.F.I. protection and more. Book your safety inspection this month and we will include a 20% discount for future projects for all our new customers.

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Residential / Commercial / Service and Repair

1st Call Electric has built an over twenty year reputation for professional electrical service and repair. Our expertise encompasses every possible electrical need imaginable…   From new builds, custom installs, emergency needs and everything in between, 1st Call Electric has you covered. There are millions of homeowners with panels over 40 years old that may no longer protect against overcurrents and short circuits. Two major brands of electrical panel have…


Custom Lighting Design and Expert Installation

Ever wonder how great it would be to add some state of the art LED recessed lighting to the family room? How about replacing the twenty year old energy hogging landscape lighting with brand new lighting features that not only showcase your outdoors but do so without breaking the bank? We can help with that. 1st Call Electric has provided hundreds of solutions for tired lighting situations. Quite often, replacing…


Generator Installation, Repair and Maintenance

We all have experienced the dreaded power outage. These things rarely happen on a sunny, 70 degree day. Quite often, outages are in their peak during torrential downpours, when it’s sleeting or worse yet, during a blizzard. Let the experts at 1st Call Electric show you economic solutions to your power outage worries. There are many solutions to getting your home equipped with generator service. 1st Call Electric can sit…

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Your home’s electrical system functions just like your body with different systems working together to sustain life.  Circuits and wiring carry electricity through your home just like veins and arteries carry oxygen rich blood through your body. Electricity is the lifeblood of your home carrying current to your appliances, computers, television and heating/cooling units.

Without a healthy functioning heart, blood will not travel efficiently throughout the body. The same is true of an ill-functioning electrical panel.  The panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system and if not functioning properly, the entire system will not work which can expose your home and family to possible danger.

Just as your heart can develop problems due to age, diet and genetics, panels can also deteriorate and become less efficient which can expose your home to electrical issues including fire.  There are millions of homeowners with panels over 40 years old that may no longer protect against over-currents and short circuits so it’s wise to get to know your panel. Out of the many panels out there, two major brands have outdated manufacturing and/or design flaws that can put your home at risk. The two brands are Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco. Regardless if your panel is made by Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco or another company, it needs an occasional check up.

1st Call Electric specializes in evaluating and upgrading electrical panels to maximize energy efficiency and keep your home and family safe. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your home’s electrical wellness in the best shape possible.

Let 1st Call Electric help keep your home in the best care imaginable.
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